Our Mission

E-MO seeks to advance policies at the state and municipal level that will prepare Missouri’s homes, businesses, and government-owned facilities for an electrified future.

Advancing ordinances and incentives will allow for appropriate electrical infrastructure to support the current and future of electric vehicles (EV) in Missouri. Neighboring states and cities have already moved forward in their efforts to attract EV users as a means to encourage new residents, additional business, and updated technology which is an overall positive impact on the economy. In addition, there is a direct benefit that EV’s provide to our public health.

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Our Plan

Missouri consumers are using more plug-in gadgets, electric cars, scooters, and other services that require more and more electricity. The electric vehicle market continues to grow as several automakers introduce mass-market EVs.

With new business partnerships, you will soon see fleets of vehicles converted to EVs. Don’t believe it? Two words, FORD and AMAZON. We believe Missouri should think like Ford and Amazon and prepare now for the future. Whether it’s a commercial development, municipal parking lot, or a rest stop along the highway, infrastructure for EV charging stations should become part of any construction plan. These hookups are far cheaper to install during construction than afterward.  These efforts will exemplify why Missouri really is the “Show-Me State.”

What Are EV-Ready Building Ordinances?

EV-ready building ordinances are one of the most effective and low-cost strategies for states and local governments to establish EV infrastructure requirements for new construction projects, including the electrical capacity and pre-wiring to make possible the future installation of EV charging stations.

Why Missouri Needs to Adopt EV-Ready Building Ordinances

  • The U.S. and global electric vehicle markets are accelerating rapidly; in fact, the global EV market in 2019 grew 40% compared to the previous record-breaking year. (Edison Electric Institute)
  • Approximately half of all vehicles in the U.S. belong to residents of single-family or duplex homes with access to a dedicated off-street parking space, which could accommodate overnight EV charging.
  • The EV market must support equitable access to emerging technology and to move beyond single-family detached homes in order to expand charging options for multi-family unit dwellings, affordable housing, workplaces, and publicly accessible commercial properties.
  • EV-ready building codes make perfect sense to promote healthy electric transportation, support equitable access to charging, and save building owners thousands in charging station retrofit costs in future years.
  • The other half of U.S. vehicles today do not have reliable access to a dedicated off-street parking space.
  • New construction is designed to last decades, as a result, it should also be ready to accommodate emerging technologies, including the capacity to charge EVs.
  • EV’s provide a direct benefit to our public health.
  • Zero-tailpipe emissions remove toxic airborne pollutants providing a healthier environment for our cities.

Locate an electrical vehicle charger in Missouri

Options to Become an EV-Ready Community

Outside of updating the entire municipal code (which can take up to six years!), municipalities have the option of passing a standalone ordinance to support EV-readiness.

With an EV-ready ordinance, municipalities could vary the percentage of EV-charging spaces required by type of occupancy (i.e. residence, business, hotel, hospital, golf course, municipal building, etc.).

Municipalities have the flexibility to adopt one of three basic options for EV infrastructure requirements – EV Capable, EVSE Ready, or EVSE Installed – and adapt them to best fit the individual needs of each community.


Single and two-family dwellings with dedicated off-street parking, EV-capable or EVSE-ready outlet provisions are required for at least one parking space per residence.


Multi-family dwellings and commercial properties, EV infrastructure requirements are applied as a percentage of total parking spaces:


Multi-family dwellings and commercial properties, EV infrastructure requirements are applied as a percentage of total parking spaces:


  • EV’s cost about “a buck” per gallon due to their super high efficiency.
  • Missouri’s electric utilities offer a variety of incentives to ease the transition to zero-emission EV’s.


  • Federal Tax Credit Up To $7,500!


A summer EV surge! The new car market is up 28.3% in July, with one new EV registered every minute.

A new era of formula car racing at Mizzou! Mizzou Racing and Mizzou Electric Racing recently competed in the Formula SAE competition at Michigan International Speedway. This even involved a student-built electric formula car!

Kansas City is part of an EV national tour! The Route Zero Relay, a campaign for an EPA proposal recommending new standards for vehicle emissions, will be holding a press event and rally in KC with community members and elected officials. The cross-country tour spans between Los Angeles and Washington, DC.

British sports car maker Aston Martin and American EV startup Lucid have struck a $450 million dollar deal that should see the next Aston Martin EV arrive in 2025.

Wall Street, trade groups, automakers, you name it–everyone is predicting a surge in electric vehicles in the next decade. But a debate is arising in Jefferson City and other state capitols across the country: should building public charging stations be left to electric utilities or private businesses?

GM and Ford electric vehicles will be able to use Tesla Superchargers starting next year! The two will begin building the same type of charger Tesla uses in their EVs.

One of America’s biggest car corporations is getting involved in meeting demands for electric vehicles! On Thursday, Ford Motor Company announced a plan to invest $95 million in its Kansas City plant to go toward EV production, as well as plans to invest billions more for EVs at its plants across the Midwest. 

Are you an electric vehicle driver? Are you thinking of installing a charging station at your home or business? If you are an Evergy customer, there are multiple incentives offered to support your efforts. 

A fully operational #electric vehicle charging network is critical to Missouri’s transportation future. 

“It could have a chilling effect on municipalities looking to prepare for the growth of electric vehicles.” #electricvehicles #moleg

Local EV ordinances are forward-thinking. This bill is not. #electricvehicles

Big news for Missouri and the energy economy. Investment in an electric vehicle charging network will ease concerns over range, attract new business and EV owners, and improve state air quality.

Electric Cars’ Turning Point May Be Happening as U.S. Sales Numbers Start Climb 

Missouri in top 10 for EV charging access 

Great news for electric vehicles and St. Louis County. The market continues to move in the right direction. 

The market for hybrid and electric vehicles continues to grow. Which way should you go?

Missouri continues to lead the Midwest effort building a statewide network of charging stations for electric vehicles.

The St. Louis region is becoming a leader in the transition to electric vehicles. Great work by Alderwoman Heather Navarro and Councilwoman Kelli Dunaway. According to the Missouri Automobile Dealers Association, EVs will soon be a mainstay on Missouri roads and proper infrastructure to support them is crucial.

Tremendous opportunity for electric vehicle manufacturing in Missouri. Toyota Motor Corporation and Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Missouri could lead the way in parts production for EVs. Just 50 miles outside of St. Louis in Troy.

In collaboration with Missouri Energy Initiative, Electrify Missouri is pleased to present a white paper on the state of electric vehicle infrastructure in Missouri.

Tax relief for job creators in Missouri’s electric vehicle manufacturing sector makes good sense. Could this pass #moleg muster?

Electric vehicles continue to make their impact in the region. More Missouri drivers are switching to EVs and our communities are preparing for it. Evergy in KC is building out their network. Cities like Brentwood, MO are installing charging stations and St. Louis City and County have passed ordinances incorporating EV infrastructure into new developments. Now Ameren Missouri has doubled down on their commitment incentivizing businesses and municipalities to install more charging stations.

As Missouri roads and bridges continue to improve, so will the state’s electric vehicle charging network.

Do you drive an electric vehicle in Missouri? If you are an Ameren Missouri residential or business customer there are plenty of good incentives available to support your purchase, fleet, or installation of charging stations. 

Ford leading the way with massive investment in America.

Exciting news for out-state Missourah. Electric vehicles are functional not only in urban centers, but rural areas as well. Congrats to Missouri Electric Cooperatives, Caleb Jones, & NRECA.

KCMO looks to expand electric vehicle charging option with new pilot program. Congrats to Evergy and all the supporting partners. 

“In 10 years, you’re looking at 40 or 50 percent of all vehicles on the road will be electric.” That’s Missouri Automobile Dealers Association Executive Director, Doug Smith talking the future of electric vehicles in Missouri. 

Great news for EV’s in Missouri. Missouri State Parks are more popular than ever and charging stations will make them even more accessible to travelers. Congratulations to Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Mike Sutherland, & Mike Kehoe! 

Great news for electric vehicle travelers in Missouri! If you are crossing the state on Hwy 70, a new charging station was installed in Kingdom City. Keep ’em coming.

KCMO Rep. Emanuel Cleaver is seeking federal funds to bolster the Ride KC electric bus fleet.

The most popular series of trucks in America is going electric. Check it out.

Schatz’s gas tax increase passed by Senate

Electric Vehicles Should Be a Win for American Workers

Kansas City Plans Curbside Charging for Electric Vehicles on Streetlights

EV-Ready Home Rebate

Electric vehicle mandates for new construction, rehabs coming to St. Louis

GM opens next electric chapter with new pair of Michigan-made Bolts

Ford Commits To EV-Only Future In Europe, First Model Due In 2023

Electric vehicles are getting closer to having their moment in St. Louis if it hasn’t arrived already

Ameren adds vehicle charging station in Kirksville

Awesomely weird Alibaba electric vehicle of the week: $1,700 electric Jeep

EV startup Rivian said to reach $27.6 billion value on new funds

Minnesota grants will prioritize projects that pair EV charging with solar panels

$112,595 Edition 1 Hummer sold out in 10 minutes, GMC says

Electric vehicle charging station unveiled at Cape Girardeau Schnucks

Ameren, Marriott unveil new electric vehicle charging station in Jefferson City

Jefferson City businesses install new tech to tap into growing electric car market

2022 Ford E-Transit to be built in Kansas City, Missouri

Electrical Connection members pioneer electric vehicle infrastructure training

First commercial electric truck to complete a cross country trip visits St. Louis Science Center

Ameren announces plans to reach ‘net-zero’ carbon emissions by 2050, and spend billions on renewable energy: September 29, 2020

Midwest Energy Companies Pledge to Build EV Charging Infrastructure: September 23, 2020

This Week in the PSC: October 17, 2019

Mo. Program Would Provide More Electric Car Charging Stations

Mo. program would provide more electric car charging stations

Missouri regulators open docket to tackle EV infrastructure

US extends tax credits for EV chargers, motorcycles, fuel cells, again retroactively

GM president: Electric cars won’t go mainstream until we fix these problems

How much does EV charging save you compared to gas? Up to $10,500 says DOE

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